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I Lost House Keys And Have No Spare, What Do I Do?

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I Lost My House Keys And Have No Spare, Should I Change Locks?

I Lost My house Keys And Have No Spare, Should I Change Locks?

Probably once or a couple of times I have found myself ruminating over the question “I lost my house keys and have no spare” what do I do now? I bet you know it’s not an easy experience when you find yourself having to deal with this issue. Well, the idea behind this piece is not to tell you why you should have your spare keys but to prepare you when the inevitable happens. Many people have learned their lessons in a rather hard way simply because they did not know what to do.

You could tell how frustrating and overwhelming if you have ever lost your house keys and no spares or entry route. However, this does not apply to the house keys alone, it could be your car keys and commercial building keys as well. It is one thing to say I lost my house keys and another thing to say “I lost my house keys and how can i get in”. For the latter, you are likely to be locked out of your house and may not be able to gain access to the comfort of your home. This is one of the most harrowing lockout experiences you could ever have.

What should you do?

First, you need to understand that fear will not help out. You need to remain as calm as possible though it may seem difficult. A master locksmith has this to say; lost house keys no spare, your mind must be young Jedi. Once you are calm, the next thing is to take stock of the kind of lost house keys and the best locksmith service to get.

Lost your house keys, no spare?

As I already stated in the beginning, it is not something new so you don’t have to think otherwise. This article is meant to help you manage and get lasting solution to this annoying predicament which might deny you the comfort of your home. As soon as you figure out the kind of lost house key, the next is to start troubleshooting of the situation.

With this simple process, you are sure to proffer the best solution to this lock issues.

  1. Make a thorough search of your immediate area

It is only when you are calm that you can engage in a proper search when you discover that you have lost your house keys. The idea is to maintain your composure to help you properly assess your immediate surrounding a couple of times. But you need to confirm your house keys are actually lost before diving into the steps about how to handle any situation where you find yourself saying “I lost my house keys how to open door”.

  1. Check your door

The next place you should check will be your doors after you’ve confirmed that they are not in your car, office or the restaurant you just had your dinner. Why do I say this? This is because most times lost home key issues are caused by forgetfulness. People tend to forget their keys from time to time which is why they find themselves locked outside the house.

This is what I say to people all the time because there is always the tendency to write your lost house keys off when you get them misplaced. You probably have not taken the time to give a thorough search around your immediate location or area. This is what you need to do until you are convinced that your house keys are lost. There is every possibility that you have placed your keys somewhere and forgot when or where you did that. A calm and proper search around your location can save you the time and money though it might sound clichéd.

If you cannot find solution at this point, you don’t have to worry. It is just about time get in touch with a locksmith who is able to get you back into the comfort of your house. However, if you have not been so lucky, you just have to continue reading.

  1. Gather the Necessary Information

For a locksmith to provide you with the needed assistance when you lost your house key and no spare, you need to provide them with some pieces of information. The type of information to be provided will depend on the type of lock you have in your house. This bits of information is very important to help them get you back into your house. In addition, it is meant to further tighten the security of your home. The idea is to have a lock replacement that will not only be strong at the moment but will last for a considerable length of time. Besides, nobody wants to spend time and money changing house locks.

However, a professional locksmith will take a thorough examination of your door lock and determine the best solution to it.

  1. Make your choice of a Locksmith

You will definitely have to deal with someone at a locksmith shop if you have lost your house keys and have no spare. Sometimes, choosing a locksmith could be overwhelming especially when it is just your first time of having such experience. There are many locksmiths but how do you find a competent, experienced and reliable residential locksmith within the town to take care of your house lock issues?

If you belong to this group, there is no need to panic. It is important that you make a decision on who you want to reach out for help regarding how to make a key for a lock without key.  You need to do some research, not intensive though because I can understand the feeling. Family, friends and sometimes neighbors are quite helpful at this time. A couple of them must have had such issue and in the best position to help out. The experience shared and sincere suggestions will definitely help you in your search for a competent and professional locksmith.

For those living within and around the city of Arkansas, Pro Locksmith Arkansas has been a lot of helpful in-house lock issues.

Calling the services of a residential locksmith could probably be your best bet. A competent locksmith will get you a replacement key it is confirmed that you’ve lost your house keys. But with no spare, it would take an expert to get you back into your house by replacement of the entire lock. You should be more concerned about the quality of the service delivery than the price of the service.

Sometimes, your house lock may come with intricate keys that some locksmiths may not find easy to tackle. This is why you need to contact those with the technical know-how in handling all residential lock issues.

  1. Pay Attention To Cost and Reliability

When you are overwhelmed with frustration from lost home keys and no spare you tend to be easily swayed by cost and forget how important it is to get a reliable and dependable solution to this issue. This is not meant to bar you from trying out relatively cheap options but you should take care not to lose sight of getting a functioning lock that will last for a considerable length of time. Your house keys are as important as the security of your home as well as your valuables. This means that you won’t want to invest the whole time, money and energy only for the locks wind up being a liability. Don’t overlook security while in a haste to replace your lost house keys.

  1. Ask To Have An Additional Spare Key Made

As soon as you make up your mind on the locksmith you would like to reach out to provide you with a replacement key, then you can get relaxed and feel at ease. However, it doesn’t just stop at that. You need to seize this opportunity to get yourself an additional spare key to be made. Yes, I had earlier mentioned that I wasn’t going to say why you need to have a spare key but it also needs to be in place. You don’t have to take a spare as one minor addition that is without value. To be prepared for any outcome, you need to have your spare keys handy. Though it might seem costly to get one at this time, it still remains important that you do. I’m sorry I have to tell you so.


If you have lost your house keys and no spare to get back in, then I am sure that reading this article has provided the needed help in some way. It is important to have the basic idea of what to do when such circumstance arises. I hope you won’t find yourself saying “I lost my house keys and no spare” if you are reading this as a preventative measure. You need to also remember that the feeling you have when you lose your house keys in an emergency situation could have an impact on what you do next to get the problem fixed. In all, it is wise to reach out to the appropriate emergency services. If you need a locksmith in Arkansas, then you are just a call (+1 501 413 3900) away from us.